What the heck does lapidary mean anyway?

In everyday life, most people never heard of or use the term “Lapidary Service“.  However, if you are presently or have ever been in the Jewelry Business, this is a common term used in the field.

Now that I think about it, Gem Stones or rather Get Stoned could be a good topic for Jeopardy.  Maybe I’ll call Alex Trebek!

The answer is:  To cut, polish or repair precious stones.

The question is:  What is Lapidary Services?

One never knows when they may need this type of service.  It is usually done by an experienced stone cutter or polisher.

My cousin loves to buy jewelry for any and all occasions.  I can ask her if she has ever heard the word lapidary in her entire lifetime of shopping for bling.  Sheila what does lapidary mean?  She’ll most likely say “lap a dairy what?”

When first I heard the word lapidary, I thought of some intricate type of ocean creature.  Perhaps my knowledge of Sesame Street characters made me dream up this strange image.

I looked up the word lapidary.  It is used as an adjective, relating to precious stones or the art of working with them; the ring is of no lapidary value; lapidary art.  As a noun lapidary is defined as an expert of precious stones and the art of cutting and engraving them or a skilled worker who cuts and engraves precious stones.

Next time you hear that word (which could be tomorrow) or if you ever hear the word lapidary again in your life, rest assured you will hopefully never forget its meaning.  If by chance you do forget what lapidary means, I will be highly insulted.

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