Pearl Strands, a Must!

A strand of pearls is 16 inches long.  I remember when I was in my twenties, my husband said he was buying me two pearl strands.  I thought that meant a double strand (two together) and did not understand that I was getting a necklace of pearls 32 inches long with a clasp.  At first I was confused by the length, but in the end it was perfect. I had the choice of wearing my new pearls very long or doubling them at the clasp for a shorter, different look.   I remember receiving this gift and feeling very grown up and sophisticated because I knew that every adult woman should own at least one strand of pearls (and I owned two).

Pearls are sold in strands and are then restrung with knots between each pearl when size, color, length and type of clasp is finalized.  Pearl strands have become quite popular because of the many sizes and unusual colors of pearls sold in today’s industry.

The beauty of the pearl strand is that it never goes out of style.  A strand of pearls can accent and dress up your most formal outfits as well as those not so formal outfits.

Hope you enjoy wearing your pearls as much as I do!

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