Feeling Blue? Check out September’s Birthstone!

The Blue Sapphire

As we near the end of summer and approach the month of September, Stonehouse Plus is blogging about the Blue Sapphire, September’s birthstone.

The hue (color) of the sapphire is primarily blue with different shades of color from a variety of countries such as Australia, Burma and Thai - just to name a few.

These regal blue sapphires are highly valued based on the purity of their primary hue. There may be secondary colors found in the blue sapphire such as purple, violet and green. While some of these secondary hues contribute to the sapphire’s beauty and radiance, other colors can have a negative reaction on the appearance of the stone.

When shopping for a fine blue sapphire, the hue should be anywhere from a medium dark violet to a purplish blue.  The primary blue color should be at least 85% of the stone’s combination in color.

Now you will know what to look for when buying your September Birthday Girl a blue sapphire ring. Or you might want to look into a pretty bracelet, perhaps a tennis necklace filled with the finest blue sapphires money can buy. These fabulous blue stones must be set in white gold or platinum of course. If you want to be more daring, why not alternate your sapphires with diamonds. This would be especially generous of you if the occasion is an important birthday or wedding anniversary for that one lady who shakes your world. And if you happen to admire the blue sapphire because of its royal hue and radiant appearance, don’t worry that it’s not really her birthstone. She will still love you for it.

By the way, you can always give her a gift “just because”.

Ladies, don’t be shy.  Send this blog to your favorite guy!

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