Pearl Strands, a Must!

A strand of pearls is 16 inches long.  I remember when I was in my twenties, my husband said he was buying me two pearl strands.  I thought that meant a double strand (two together) and did not understand that I was getting a necklace of pearls 32 inches long with a clasp.  At first I was confused by the length, but in the end it was perfect. I had the choice of wearing my new pearls very long or doubling them at the clasp for a shorter, different look.   I remember receiving this gift and feeling very grown up and sophisticated because I knew that every adult woman should own at least one strand of pearls (and I owned two).

Pearls are sold in strands and are then restrung with knots between each pearl when size, color, length and type of clasp is finalized.  Pearl strands have become quite popular because of the many sizes and unusual colors of pearls sold in today’s industry.

The beauty of the pearl strand is that it never goes out of style.  A strand of pearls can accent and dress up your most formal outfits as well as those not so formal outfits.

Hope you enjoy wearing your pearls as much as I do!

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Half a Pearl is Better Than None

Recently many gem lovers are searching for the genuine half pearl.  According to experts, one can merely look for a genuine pearl of his/her choice and have it cut in half by an expert gem-stone cutter or jewelry repair person.

Voila, the genuine half pearl is created.

The value of the pearls in jewelry is determined by a combination of the luster, color, size, lack of surface flaw and symmetry that are appropriate for the type of pearl under consideration. Among those attributes, luster is the most important differentiator of pearl quality according to jewelers.

All factors being equal, however, the larger the pearl the more valuable it is. Large, perfectly round pearls are rare and of high value.

Some pearls have holes drilled right through them to make up a strand for the neck or the wrist.  Others require a one-sided hole to create a pearl post for earrings.

It is customary for a bridegroom to give his bride a strand, or strands of pearls at their wedding as a personal gift after the ceremony.  She may request a choker or something a little longer with or without an ornate clasp.  She may want a hidden clasp which allows her to wear her pearls longer, shorter or even as a choker.  This beautiful gift will adorn the bride on her wedding day and forever, telling others that she’s his pearl-of-a-girl.

Check out this page of pearls where you can find a variety of sizes and prices you would like to give your bride or your favorite girl.  After all, pearls are a girl’s best friend.  Or was that diamonds?

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Feeling Blue? Check out September’s Birthstone!

The Blue Sapphire

As we near the end of summer and approach the month of September, Stonehouse Plus is blogging about the Blue Sapphire, September’s birthstone.

The hue (color) of the sapphire is primarily blue with different shades of color from a variety of countries such as Australia, Burma and Thai - just to name a few.

These regal blue sapphires are highly valued based on the purity of their primary hue. There may be secondary colors found in the blue sapphire such as purple, violet and green. While some of these secondary hues contribute to the sapphire’s beauty and radiance, other colors can have a negative reaction on the appearance of the stone.

When shopping for a fine blue sapphire, the hue should be anywhere from a medium dark violet to a purplish blue.  The primary blue color should be at least 85% of the stone’s combination in color.

Now you will know what to look for when buying your September Birthday Girl a blue sapphire ring. Or you might want to look into a pretty bracelet, perhaps a tennis necklace filled with the finest blue sapphires money can buy. These fabulous blue stones must be set in white gold or platinum of course. If you want to be more daring, why not alternate your sapphires with diamonds. This would be especially generous of you if the occasion is an important birthday or wedding anniversary for that one lady who shakes your world. And if you happen to admire the blue sapphire because of its royal hue and radiant appearance, don’t worry that it’s not really her birthstone. She will still love you for it.

By the way, you can always give her a gift “just because”.

Ladies, don’t be shy.  Send this blog to your favorite guy!

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What the heck does lapidary mean anyway?

In everyday life, most people never heard of or use the term “Lapidary Service“.  However, if you are presently or have ever been in the Jewelry Business, this is a common term used in the field.

Now that I think about it, Gem Stones or rather Get Stoned could be a good topic for Jeopardy.  Maybe I’ll call Alex Trebek!

The answer is:  To cut, polish or repair precious stones.

The question is:  What is Lapidary Services?

One never knows when they may need this type of service.  It is usually done by an experienced stone cutter or polisher.

My cousin loves to buy jewelry for any and all occasions.  I can ask her if she has ever heard the word lapidary in her entire lifetime of shopping for bling.  Sheila what does lapidary mean?  She’ll most likely say “lap a dairy what?”

When first I heard the word lapidary, I thought of some intricate type of ocean creature.  Perhaps my knowledge of Sesame Street characters made me dream up this strange image.

I looked up the word lapidary.  It is used as an adjective, relating to precious stones or the art of working with them; the ring is of no lapidary value; lapidary art.  As a noun lapidary is defined as an expert of precious stones and the art of cutting and engraving them or a skilled worker who cuts and engraves precious stones.

Next time you hear that word (which could be tomorrow) or if you ever hear the word lapidary again in your life, rest assured you will hopefully never forget its meaning.  If by chance you do forget what lapidary means, I will be highly insulted.

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